Firefighters Need To Be Rescued Too

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rescue tools for firefighters

Thank goodness for the firefighters. Where would we be today without their brave and valiant efforts? Fortunately, we do not need to call on their very actions very often because of course, it is not every day that our house or building will catch alight and burn down to the ground.

But still, it could happen, and these chaps and gals need to be ready at all times. And usually they are, no doubt about that. Now, there does seem to be one regular occurrence these days, and it is quite frightening, even if you’re only forced to watch it unfold nightly on your TV news channels.

Today, you’ve got runaway wildfires that happen on the outskirts of suburbia. It comes dangerously close to all that we cherish, but these fires leave nothing in its wake. Most of the flora and fauna is not spared, and it would take years before the area is able to rejuvenate and regenerate. It would have been a lot worse has it not been for the firefighters.

So far, so good. They have managed to stem the tide in the nick of time. But spare a thought for them. More lives could have been lost had it not been for the specially prepared rescue tools for firefighters. They use these tools to climb hill and dale. They use these tools to scale urban peaks that are so high not even a bird would venture that far up. And because they are surrounded by fire and smoke, nine times out of ten, they need protective gear as well.

They’re wearing thick clothing that protects them from the heat of the fire’s blaze. They’ve also got portable oxygen devices to fall back on and prevent them from suffering from smoke inhalation.